Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Well done Kearah, Leigha, Kasyn, and Cody G, on your fantastic effort with your handwriting today. You worked hard to place the letter 'o' on the line.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Measurement Using Hand Spans

Today we went outside and practiced measuring things using our hand spans. We took photos of the things we measured and recorded how many hand spans long these things were using Pic Collage.

Our First Buddy Maths

Kizoa slideshow: Buddy Maths W1 - Slideshow
We are excited to announce that we have started a new initiative at our school called 'Buddy Maths'. We have been inspired by the book 'The Elephant in the Classroom: Helping Children Learn and Love Maths'. Here is one of numerous quotes straight out of the book that has motivated us to plan and teach 'Buddy Maths': “Students who struggle with mathematics, are helped by engaging in discussions about maths with students who are working at higher levels. Different research studies have found that when students work in mixed groups, the achievement of the high achieving students is unaltered but the achievement of lower achieving students is increase”
Hence we have buddied up across the school with various classes. Half of our Room 8 students had Buddy Maths on Friday with Room 2. We worked on questions called, 'The mathematics of our bodies'. We has to test out true or false statements, such as, "Is the length of your forearm the same length as your foot?" Children enjoyed this practical introduction into measurement. When asked, all children reported that they loved working in groups together. We can't wait for Buddy Maths again this Friday!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tama the Goat

Thank you to the Ogle Family who bought 'Tama' the Goat in today. Tama provided an excellent source of writing inspiration. The children especially enjoyed his waggling tail, sucking noises that he made, cute jumping, and fluffy coat. They weren't so keen in his smell! 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Matariki Day

Here are some of the exciting activities we got up to on the Matariki Day!